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Czech chapter (inter)national meeting 2016

The meeting of the Czech chapter took part March 18, 2016 in Hustopeče, a small town close to Brno in the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic. Among about 50 participants were also members of the Slovak chapter, representatives of humic-related companies or distributors and of state authorities, and guests from Germany and Austria. The meeting was supported by Amagro and Humatex companies.

The meeting was divided into three discussion blocks:
1. Soil-organics-humics.
2. Advances in applications.
3. Progress in standardization.

The first block included lectures on the questions of biochar applications, humeomics approach, and on relationships between the content of organic carbon and humic acids in soils. Discussion focused on current debate about the very existence of humic substances and directions of humic research. Among others, the difference between the young organic matter in soil and aged organic matter in peat or coal was stressed.

The second block informed on experiments with foliar applications of humic acids isolated from oxyhumolite, on news on experimental study of the penetration of humic substances through leave cuticles, on field experience with lignohumates, and on applications of humic acids in animal feeding.

In the third block the state with standards for humic products in Czech Republic was discussed. Representatives of agricultural authorities informed on attempts to introduce more appropriate methods like those recently developed in USA. Distributors also discussed possibility of awarding some IHSS quality certificate to products with well-defined origin and analyzed content. Two lectures on practical aspects of the principles of standardization and appropriate methods closed this block.

The discussion continued in the evening during the get-together in wine cellar which was accompanied by traditional folk cymbalo band.


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